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Can ChatGPT help make tough decisions easier? 🤔 Part two...

Dive into the second part of this series where I use AI to weigh the pros and cons of four potential newsletter names.

Hey Prompt Masters!

Let’s continue…

In today’s edition of Promptedia we pick up on yesterday’s series opener using creatively engineered ChatGPT prompts to evaluate and compare potential names for an email newsletter.

In part two, I share the next step I took in my collaboration with AI which was to weigh the pros and cons of the four potential name choices. Additionally, I allowed AI to come up with a scoring mechanism on its own.

Today’s top topic tags: #productdevelopment #naming #branding #businessstrategy #brainstorming #prosandcons

Weighing my options

Oh decisions decisions. 🤔

Which name to go with?! 🤷‍♂️ Ugh.

To escape the potential for analysis paralysis and the anxiety of having to pick, I had the thought that ChatGPT attributing a score to the names will make it easier for me to make an apples-to-apples comparison of the options. I hoped that a numerical value of the strength of each name would help me to pick one with a greater degree of confidence.

The prompt

I asked…

Given all that you've identified about how to position each of these four names for the newsletter, I would like you to now rank these four naming and branding options from least preferred or recommended to most.

Not only do I want you to order them from worst to best, I'd like you to assign an independent score for each on a scale of 0 to 100 reflective of how well you think the branding could resonate and gain traction in the AI newsletter space that is rapidly becoming more crowded.

Additionally, I would like you to list 5 pros and 5 cons for each one based on whatever criteria you deem most essential which could include brand uniqueness, memorability, relatability, or another metric that you identify as essential to the success of a newsletter launch.

Breaking down this prompt you’ll see I used a combination of specificity and ambiguity in instruction to AI. I’ll explain why…

  • “all that you’ve identified” … I want to be sure ChatGPT takes into account all that we’ve discussed about the potential names.

  • “from least … to most” … I want the name that AI thinks is best at the end so a) I can detect the increasing value of / reasoning for the names as I read the response from top to bottom, and b) the best option is at the end of the response so that should I scroll up to reference again it is closest to the end of the thread.

  • “independent score” … I didn’t want ChatGPT to score them in relation to each other in case it deems two or more names as being similar in value it will show that. Of course, my wish is that it doesn’t, especially a tie among the best score as that won’t help my decision making. 😬🤦‍♂️

  • “how well you think” … I gave rather ambiguous scoring conditions on purpose as I wanted to see what AI might come up with for scoring as that might differ from what I would think of.

  • “5 pros and 5 cons” … I want to be sure I get an equal number of factors in support of and against each name. This will also give me some insight into what factors ChatGPT used to score the names.

The response

Ranking and Evaluation of Branding Options for the AI Newsletter

4. creaided

Score: 70/100


1. Relatability: The name "creaided" clearly emphasizes the creative assistance provided by AI.

2. Phonetic Clarity: Pronounced like "created," making it easy to remember once understood.

3. Unique Twist: The creative spelling makes the brand stand out.

4. Meaningful Connection: Directly ties to AI's role in creation and innovation.

5. Versatility: Can encompass a wide range of AI applications in creative fields.


1. Spelling Confusion: The unusual spelling may lead to frequent misspellings and difficulty finding the website.

2. Initial Perception: May require additional explanation for users to understand the play on words.

3. Brand Recognition: Less immediate recognition compared to more straightforward names.

4. Memorability: The altered spelling might not be as easily recalled.

5. Professional Tone: Might not convey as strong a professional image compared to other options.

3. aiquiri

Score: 75/100


1. Catchy and Memorable: The playful twist on "daiquiri" makes it easy to remember.

2. Unique: Stands out in the AI space with a fun, distinctive name.

3. Visual Identity: Offers creative branding opportunities with a refreshing and innovative theme.

4. Phonetic Clarity: Easy to pronounce and remember.

5. Appealing Vibe: Conveys a sense of refreshment and new insights, aligning with AI's innovative impact.


1. Alcohol Association: Potential negative connotations with an alcoholic drink may not suit all professional contexts.

2. Seriousness: Might not be taken as seriously in a highly professional or corporate setting.

3. Explaining the Name: Requires some explanation to connect the concept to AI.

4. Market Fit: The playful tone may not appeal to all segments of the AI market.

5. Brand Expansion: May be harder to expand the brand into more serious or technical AI fields.


Score: 85/100


1. Strong Visual Identity: The name visually emphasizes "AI" and conveys clarity and enhancement.

2. Professional Tone: Projects a strong, professional image suitable for the business side of AI.

3. Memorability: Easy to remember and pronounce.

4. Brand Expansion: Suitable for a wide range of AI applications, from data analysis to business intelligence.

5. Positive Connotation: The concept of magnifying aligns well with enhancing and expanding business insights.


1. Subtle AI Connection: The AI connection in the name might not be immediately obvious to everyone.

2. Complexity in Spelling: The unconventional spelling might cause minor confusion.

3. Visual Branding: Requires a strong visual identity to highlight the "AI" component effectively.

4. Direct Competitors: May face competition from other brands with similar professional and enhancement themes.

5. Market Differentiation: Needs strong differentiation to stand out in the crowded AI market.


Score: 90/100


1. Strong AI Connection: Clearly conveys the concept of AI generation and innovation.

2. Memorability: Easy to pronounce and remember, despite the unique spelling.

3. Professional Image: Projects a sophisticated and professional tone suitable for business insights.

4. Versatility: Can cover a broad spectrum of AI applications, from content generation to data analysis.

5. Unique Brand: Stands out in the AI space with a distinctive and innovative name.


1. Spelling Complexity: The unique spelling might cause minor confusion or misspellings.

2. Initial Understanding: May require initial explanation to convey the pronunciation and meaning.

3. Brand Consistency: Needs consistent branding to reinforce the correct spelling and pronunciation.

4. Market Saturation: The AI generation theme may face stiff competition from other well-established brands.

5. SEO Challenges: The unique spelling may present some challenges for search engine optimization and discoverability.


1. GNRAIT (Score: 90/100): The best option due to its strong AI connection, professional image, and versatility.

2. MAiGNIFY (Score: 85/100): A close second with a strong visual identity and professional tone, though slightly less immediately clear in its AI connection.

3. aiquiri (Score: 75/100): Memorable and unique but with potential drawbacks due to its playful nature and alcohol association.

4. creaided (Score: 70/100): Interesting and creative, but the unconventional spelling and initial perception may pose challenges.

Each name has its unique strengths and potential drawbacks, but GNRAIT stands out as the most robust option for a professional, memorable, and versatile AI newsletter brand.

Sadly, the name that I was leaning towards before this query did not fair so well. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised given the loose association with alcohol. I thought perhaps the branding plays and the spelling just being one letter off from the real word of daiquiri would have resulted in a better score.

At this point, I switched my favoritism to MAiGNIFY. Yeah, GNRAIT rated better but not by much. I favored the second place finisher because of the power of the word magnify and not all AI benefits are specific to generating media.

However, I remained unsatisfied with the analysis. It’s not like I thought ChatGPT did a bad job scoring these. Not at all. Rather, I just felt in my gut that I didn’t yet have all I needed to thoroughly consider my options.

Coming next…

So, that led to continued collaboration. Our next back and forth exchange explored how the potential names could be tested before settling on a winning choice. Check out part three for that prompt.

Until next time,

Jim Washok

P.S. Got a cool prompting method you want us to feature? Reply to this email and let me know!

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