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Prompting for a name... what to call your latest creation

Quicken the naming process for your new product or service with this prompt approach...

Hey Prompt Masters!

In today’s edition of Promptedia, we’re diving into a real-world example of how collaborative prompting with an AI tool can save you a ton of time, effort and stress. With ChatGPT’s help, I am going to share with you portions of a recent chat thread where we (that’s AI and I) brainstormed, refined, and designed branding for a new AI newsletter. I know what you may be thinking… no, not this newsletter. Another coming very soon!

The conversational brainstorming we engaged in was quite extensive as we initially explored four original naming options only to add two more before finally settling on the winner.

For brevity, I limit this story to key highlights. Additionally, I’ve split this prompt breakdown into a series over multiple days. Be sure to check your inbox each weekday for the continuation eventually leading to the reveal of the extensive prompt that I intended to craft this very post you're reading only to be let down by ChatGPT’s occasional laziness. 😬🤷‍♂️

Today’s top topic tags: #productdevelopment #naming #businessoperations #brainstorming #research

What’s in a name?

We started with the challenge of naming the newsletter. The goal was to identify strong branding options, analyze their potential, weigh them using a number of factors and pick one. Sounds straightforward, right? But there’s a lot more to it when you peel back the layers.

The prompt

I first sought to explore the concept of ‘aiquiri’ (ai - query) as a fitting name. Available as a dot com domain and being the word daiquiri minus the ‘d’, I was entertaining the idea of playing off elements of the popular drink to brand the newsletter with. I asked…

"Tell me about daiquiris…. What is the typical drink? Are there variations to the recipe? When is it most consumed, where, and why? What is its appeal? If a daiquiri was used as sort of a branding element, a mascot if you will, for marketing a newsletter, or even a business what about the daiquiri could be tapped into and capitalized upon without focusing on the alcoholic nature of the beverage?"

Why this prompt? It’s detailed, context-rich, and specific. When you’re looking to get in-depth, it’s essential to provide the AI with as much context as possible. It helps the AI generate a comprehensive response that’s spot on.

The response

"A daiquiri is a classic cocktail made with three primary ingredients: rum, lime juice, and sugar... Using the daiquiri as a branding element or mascot for a newsletter or business can capitalize on several of its appealing qualities without focusing on its alcoholic nature..."

Daiquiri as a Branding Element

Using the daiquiri as a branding element or mascot for a newsletter or business can capitalize on several of its appealing qualities without focusing on its alcoholic nature:

  • Refreshing and Invigorating: Just as a daiquiri is refreshing, your newsletter or business could be positioned as refreshing and invigorating, offering new and exciting content or solutions.

  • Versatile and Adaptable: Highlight the versatility and adaptability of your offerings, much like the various flavors and styles of daiquiris.

  • Simple and Elegant: Emphasize the simplicity and elegance of your services or products, mirroring the classic nature of a daiquiri.

  • Tropical and Fun: Capture the fun, tropical vibe associated with daiquiris to convey a sense of enjoyment and relaxation in your brand.

Marketing Ideas

  1. Brand Imagery: Use vibrant, tropical colors and imagery reminiscent of daiquiris (lime green, sunset orange, tropical fruits) in your marketing materials.

  2. Taglines:

    • "Refresh Your Perspective"

    • "Blend in Some Excitement"

    • "Simple Elegance in Every Sip"

  3. Content Themes: Incorporate themes of relaxation, enjoyment, and refreshment in your content to create a positive, uplifting brand image.

  4. Promotions and Events: Host virtual or in-person events that capture the spirit of a tropical getaway, complete with daiquiri-inspired mocktails to engage your audience.

By leveraging the positive attributes of the daiquiri, you can create a brand identity that is refreshing, adaptable, and enjoyable, appealing to a wide audience while maintaining a sense of elegance and sophistication.

When I asked ChatGPT about an alternative format to my prompt, it suggested that I could have submitted this prompt instead: “How can the concept of a daiquiri be used for branding a tech product without highlighting its alcoholic nature?” This variant keeps the focus tight and directed.

So, the name is doable?

Having ChatGPT detail the creative ways that a name like ‘aiquiri’ for the newsletter COULD work doesn’t yet mean it SHOULD be the name.

We next needed to explore specifics more deeply as to how well that name might (or might not) work. That led to a follow up prompt asking AI to go beyond theoretical application of the name to practical details of how and what that would look like in the real world.

The prompt

Say you owned the domain aiquiri.com ... Would you use this word, this domain as a brand for an AI related newsletter that focused on the business side of AI reporting on the private equity funding of startups, major developments, IPO activity, mergers, and case studies of how specifically use of AI tools within business is contributing to success and growth?

Notice how the prompt specifies the use case? That’s crucial. When working with AI, specifying context ensures the AI’s responses are relevant and actionable.

Using "aiquiri" as a brand for an AI-related newsletter can be a creative and memorable approach. The name itself is catchy and combines "AI" with a word that evokes a sense of refreshment and innovation. Here’s how you can creatively market the association with daiquiri while maintaining professionalism:

Branding Strategy

Name and Tagline

- Brand Name: aiquiri

- Tagline: "Refreshing Insights into AI Business"

Visual Identity

Logo and Design Elements

- Logo: Incorporate elements that blend technology and refreshment. For example, a stylized AI circuit board pattern forming the shape of a lime or a cocktail glass.

- Colors: Use a color palette that is both professional and vibrant. Shades of green and blue can evoke a sense of freshness and reliability.

Marketing Themes

Refreshing Insights

- Content Theme: Emphasize how your newsletter provides "refreshing insights" into the AI industry, much like how a daiquiri refreshes and invigorates.

- Sections: Organize sections with titles that play on the daiquiri theme without being overtly playful, such as "Fresh Mix" for the latest news, "Cool Developments" for emerging technologies, and "Sweet Success" for case studies.

Versatility and Adaptability

- Newsletter Segments: Highlight different segments of the newsletter that cater to various interests in the AI business world, reflecting the versatility of daiquiri flavors.

- Personalization: Allow subscribers to customize their content preferences, much like choosing their favorite daiquiri flavor.

Marketing Campaigns

Launch Campaign

- Tagline: "Mixing the Perfect Blend of AI Business Insights"

- Promotional Content: Use social media and email campaigns that highlight the unique name and how it represents a fresh take on AI news.

Regular Engagement

- Themed Newsletters: Occasionally release special editions with themed content, such as "Summer Coolers" focusing on the hottest AI startups of the season.

- Interactive Content: Include polls, quizzes, and interactive elements that engage the readers, asking them to "mix their perfect blend" of content preferences.

Professional Yet Fun Tone

Content Style

- Tone: Maintain a professional tone in your articles and reports, but allow for a lighter, more engaging style in your intros, conclusions, and side notes.

- Infographics and Visuals: Use infographics that are clean and professional but incorporate subtle playful elements, such as using lime slices as bullet points or data markers.

Networking and Events

Webinars and Panels

- Themes: Host webinars and panel discussions under titles like "AI on the Rocks: Cool Strategies for Hot Markets."

- Guest Speakers: Invite industry leaders to share insights in a relaxed, conversational format.

Social Media

- Engagement Posts: Share "AI Tips of the Day" with a refreshing twist, using playful yet professional language.

- Community Building: Create a LinkedIn group or forum where subscribers can discuss topics and share insights, fostering a community around your brand.

By leveraging the clever wordplay of "aiquiri" and associating it with refreshing, insightful content, you can create a brand that stands out in the crowded AI news market. Balancing professionalism with a touch of lightheartedness will help attract and retain a diverse audience interested in the business side of AI.

We repeated this process for each of the potential names. Fortunately, ChatGPT retains context within a thread. Any prior part of the conversation, such as instructions, can be referenced without having to repeat in entirety. With that I was able to have it perform the same analysis for MAiGNIFY, GNRAIT, creaided, and so forth without having to specify what was needed to the extent that I did with ‘aiquiri’. For each name I provided a sentence or two about why the name was an option and how to pronounce the name while I simply asked AI to perform the same analysis of the name potential.

Coming in part two…

I explain the next portion of our collaborative brainstorming where ChatGPT and I devised some measures against which to the prospective names. By assessing each against a common set of measures, it would theoretically be easier to compare apples to apples as the pros and cons of each name become more apparent.

As we’ve begun to explore the detailed prompting needed to comprehensively evaluate naming options for a new product or service, I hope you’ve picked up some strategies to enhance your own AI interactions. Remember, the key to effective AI prompting is context, specificity, and iteration.

Until next time,

Jim Washok

P.S. Got a cool prompting method you want us to feature? Reply to this email and let me know!

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